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Births: Albert Camus - Aimé Césaire - Piero Fornasetti - Roger Caillois - Hedy Lamarr

Deaths: Jose Guadalupe Posada - Ferdinand de Saussure

Movie poster for Fantômas (1913 - 1914) serial

Key works of art: Piazza d'Italia (1913) - Giorgio de Chirico, see here. - Bicycle Wheel Ready-made (1913) - Marcel Duchamp

Russolo's Art of Noises manifesto

At first the art of music sought and achieved purity, limpidity and sweetness of sound. Then different sounds were amalgamated, care being taken, however, to caress the ear with gentle harmonies. Today music, as it becomes continually more complicated, strives to amalgamate the most dissonant, strange and harsh sounds. In this way we come ever closer to noise-sound.
--Luigi Russolo: "The Art of Noises" (1913)

See also: futurism

The Rite of Spring (1913) - Igor Stravinsky

One of the things that's interesting about [Igor Stravinsky's] The Rite of Spring in particular, it seems to be the most treasured piece of the the European canon by jazz musicians, it seems to have always been that way since Ellington, it has basslines, it has this staggering percussion going on. --Greg Tate, Wired Magazine, Feb 2004

L'Enfer de la Bibliothèque Nationale (1913) - Guillaume Apollinaire

The Les livres de l'Enfer: bibliographie critique des ouvrages érotiques dans leurs différentes éditions du XVIe siècle à nos jours [The Books of the "Enfer:" Critical Bibliography of Erotic Works in their Different Editions from the Sixteenth Century to the Present] is a catalogue of all the erotic works in the Parisian Bibliothèque Nationale de France. It was edited by Guillaume Apollinaire, Fernan Fleuret and Louis Perceau.

This and Patrick J. Kearney's Private Case listing of erotica have served as reliable catalogs with a bibliographic function, different from other relevant bibliographies in that these two have been compiled using works in hand.

Les livres de l'Enfer: Bibliographie critique des ouvrages érotiques dans leurs différentes éditions du XVIe siècle à nos jours (1978) - Pascal Pia [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Isidor Sadger coins sadomasochismus

Isidor Isaak Sadger (1867 - 1942) was a forensic doctor and psychoanalysist in Vienna. He studied with Freud from 1895 to 1904. He studied homosexuality and fetishism. He coined the term "Sadomasochismus" in 1913. He was deported in September 1942 to the Theresienstadt concentration camp where he died in December. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isidor_Isaak_Sadger [Jan 2005]

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