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Aslan (1930 - )

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Aslan (real name is Alain Gourdon , born in Bordeaux (France) on May 23, 1930) is a French painter, sculptor and pin-up artist. He is mostly famous in France for his pin ups. He contributed to Lui from the creation of the magazine in 1964 to the early eighties, providing a monthly pin up.

He is the sculptor of the Fifth Republic Marianne as Brigitte Bardot in 1970, followed by the Mireille Mathieu Marianne. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aslan_%28pin_up%29 [Nov 2005]


I always felt out of place in 20th-century abstract expresssionism Art, which negates all the well-established rules agreed upon over milleniums.

Art was born universally figurative, 35,000 years ago, without consensus or other possible influence. Throughout the ages, painters and sculptors have used nature as a means of expressing their feelings, their emotions and their thoughts.

Abstact expressionism surfaced in the aftermath of WW II, in 1945, and lasted only 50 years.

It was art for greed, the ludicrous art of the "Nouveau riche" and of the "Snobs" (contraction of "Sans" (without) Noblesse").

It was the era of paintings and sculptures sold as investment, often over the telephone !

As for my contribution to this half-century, I would describe myself as an "intimate hyper-figurative" painter and sculptor.

I am in love with nature and its laws; I paint and sculpt "woman" the most beautiful subject ever given to artists, because it is inexhaustible and eternal.

I am neither a sculptor nor a painter of my time, but of all time ! Alain Gourdon Aka "Aslan", January 2000 --http://www.aaslan.com [2004]

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