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Andreas Huyssen

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Andreas Huyssen is the Villard Professor of German and Comparative Literature and the founding director of Columbia's Center for Comparative Literature and Society. Dr. Phil, Zurich 1969. University of Wisconsin 1969-86 (Parkside and Milwaukee). Columbia 1986 to the present. Listed in Who Is Who in America. --http://www.columbia.edu/cu/german/faculty/huyssen_a.html [May 2006]

After the Great Divide: Modernism, Mass Culture, Postmodernism (1986) - Andreas Huyssen

After the Great Divide: Modernism, Mass Culture, Postmodernism (Theories of Representation and Difference) (1986) by Andreas Huyssen [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

"Pop in the broadest sense was the context in which a notion of the postmodern first took shape, and from the beginning until today, the most significant trends within postmodernism have challenged modernism's relentless hostility to mass culture." -- Andreas Huyssen

"all culture is standardized, organized and administered for the sole purpose of serving as an instrument of social control" (Huyssen 21).

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