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Steve Erickson calls it "artsploitation." In his review of Sympathy for Gay City News, he cites Takashi Miike's Audition and Catherine Breillat's Fat Girl as examples and notes, "If artsploitation films have one thing in common, it's restoring pain to screen violence." -- [Nov 2005]

Such artsploitation films combine extremes of sex and violence with stylistic choices, slow pacing, and an openness to wide tonal shifts alien to ordinary genre films. Needless to say, this development hasnít been greeted with cheers everywhere. Nor have any artsploitation films become major U.S. hits.

However, many have found an enthusiastic cult audience, especially on DVD. If artsploitation films have one thing in common, itís restoring pain to screen violence. In a American context, thatís whatís most interesting and valuable about them. In Doug Limanís popular Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie vehicle ďMr. and Mrs. Smith,Ē murder has less moral, emotional, or even physical weight than a fender-bender; the privileges of stardom include the right to kill without consequences. Its violence is antiseptic. --Steve Erickson via http://www.gaycitynews.com/gcn_433/sympathybutnodevil.html [Nov 2005]

In the United States, since the mid 1990s, the names Quentin Tarantino and Matthew Bright (Freeway (1996)) are associated with the term artsploitation.

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