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Bertrand Blier (1939 - )

Key films: Les Valseuses (1974) Bertrand Blier

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Les Valseuses/Going Places (1974) Bertrand Blier [Amazon.com]


Bertrand Blier (born March 14, 1939) is a French screenwriter and film director.

Born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. He is the son of Bernard Blier. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertrand_Blier [Dec 2004]

Buffet Froid (1979) - Bertrand Blier

    Buffet Froid (1979) - Bertrand Blier [Amazon US]
    From Bertrand Blier, the Academy Award®-winning director of Get Out Your Handkerchiefs and Too Beautiful for You, comes Buffet Froid, Blier's farcical thriller starring Gérard Depardieu as Alphonse, an unemployed drifter obsessed with murder and death. Structured as an absurdly hilarious nightmare, Buffet Froid has a logic that is both twisted and stark: a husband befriends his wife's murderer, a high-ranking official plans his own assassination, a lost knife is found in the belly of a subway passenger. Together with the Chief of Police and a murderer who is afraid of the dark, Depardieu is drawn into an inescapable complicity of murder, treachery and paranoia which draws him closer and closer to a fatetul end.

Beau Pere (1981) - Bertrand Blier

    Beau Pere (1981) - Bertrand Blier [Amazon.com]
    This daring and controversial film by Bertrand Blier (Too Beautiful For You, Get Out Your Handkerchiefs) pushes the lines between love, lust and morality. After the sudden death of his wife, Remy (Patrick Dewaere), a burnt out piano player, is forced to take care of his 14-year-old stepdaughter (Ariel Besse) who, unbeknownst to him, has fallen in love with him. The two grow closer and what begins as a relationship between a girl and a man, ends up being a relationship between a woman and a man.

Tenue De Soiree/Menage (1986) - Bertrand Blier

    Tenue De Soiree/Menage (1986) - Bertrand Blier [Amazon.com]
    MENAGE or "Tenue De Soiree", as it is called in French is a subtle comedy which will not leave the viewer untouched. A burgler (Depardieu) befriends a spatting couple at a bal, and proceeds to court the husband (Michel Blanc, of "Monsieur Hire") into an intense intimate relationship. What follows is the threesome's adventures through Parisian nights and a variety of situations, one more absurd than the next. The original version is exquisitely written, and the dialogues border on poetry. All the actors demonstrate their talents opposite each other and form an exceptional cast. This film would most likely be listed under "comedies" but it's range encompasses many genres. A definite must see for any fan of Depardieu who is flawless in this film. --A viewer via Amazon.com

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