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Bob Flanagan

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Bob Flanagan () - Andrea Juno, V. Vale
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Bob Flanagan (1952-1997) grew up with Cystic Fibrosis (a genetically inherited, nearly-always fatal disease) and lived longer than any other person with CF. The physical pain of his childhood was alleviated by masturbation and sexual experimentation, resulting in his life-long practice of extreme masochism. In Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist, the only book in existence on this amazing individual, Flanagan reveals, in deeply confessional interviews, his life story and sexual practices, and his extraordinary relationship with his long-term partner and mistress, photographer Sheree Rose. He tells how frequent near-death encounters modified his concepts of gratification and abstinence, reward and punishment, and intensified his masochistic drive. Through his insider's perspective on the various S/M communities, we learn firsthand about branding, piercing, whipping, bondage, and endurance trials. Surprisingly, the most extreme narratives are infused with humor, honesty, and self-reflective irony. Bob's sharp intelligence and lack of pretense belie a deep commitment to deciphering philosophical issues regarding body, power, sex, life, and death. --Book Description

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