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Cecilia Tan

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On sexual and non-sexual fantasies

I am no longer surprised when I go to a play party at someone's house and find their book collection looks very similar to mine. A small shelf of Pat Califia, Anne Rice, The Story of O, of course, but also shelves and shelves of science fiction and fantasy. I am no longer surprised when I meet people at Renaissance fairs or science fiction conventions, and discover I already know them from the S/M community. Or vice versa. "There's so much crossover," people say. But I think there is no "crossover." We have always all been one. "We," those who never discarded "let's pretend" as childish, who would not kill our imaginative spirits for the sake of adulthood or society, "we" as adults create the subcultures that fulfill us, we create the opportunities to let our fantasies roam--with science fiction conventions, where Klingons and faeries inhabit hotels, with role playing games (Dungeons and Dragons' multitudinous spawn), and with S/M sexuality. --http://www.ceciliatan.com/smsf.html

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