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Chelsea Girls (1966) - Paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol

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poster by Alan Aldridge for Chelsea Girls (1966)


Chelsea Girls is a 1966 film directed by Paul Morrissey and Andy Warhol. The film was Warhol's first major commercial success, and was shot at the Hotel Chelsea and various other locations in New York City. The film, starring many of Warhol's superstars, takes place at the hotel, and follows the lives of several of the young women who live there. The name is an obvious reference to the location where it was shot. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelsea_Girls [Mar 2006]

More talked about than seen since its debut, The Chelsea Girls, Andy Warhol’s infamous double-projected dive into a demimonde he created, is getting a rare theatrical revival. It’s hard to imagine that this experience — it’s as much spectacle as film, really — was His Pastiness’s first honest-to-god cinematic success. After years of showing his movies to his methed-up Factory friends and the stray camp follower who wandered in off the street, and perhaps because his time had simply come, Warhol was able to sell these “girls” to the hip mainstream. The Chelsea Girls was reviewed in The New York Times and many another venue, raked in a cool (for Warhol) $300,000 in six months of exhibition, and became one of the gaudiest baubles on the charm bracelet of the urban culture vulture circa .--Gary Morris http://www.brightlightsfilm.com/37/chelsea.htm


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