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E2 E4 (1981-1984) - Manuel Göttsching

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Proto-techno classic E2 E4 (1981-1984) - Manuel Göttsching [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]


E2-E4 is an early trance/techno classic. The original recording was released in 1984 as a 31-minute 12". It was the basis of Sueno Latino [1989], which was remixed by Derrick May and Carl Craig in 1992 for the DFC imprint

»[...] Consisting of one long piece, E2-E4 is unique in many ways. One can hear early traces of what would become techno and trance music. It's driving computer rhythms and subtly changing sequencer patterns are both hypnotic and innovative. [...] Some may hear it as an hour's worth of mindless repetition and constant noodling, while others may find it to be a pioneering piece of work that is among Manuel Göttsching's best. No matter what the opinions may be, E2-E4 is genuine, and set the trend for trance/dance music almost a full decade before it became one. A masterwork from an essential master.« (L. Bourland, "Beyond the Horizon", USA)

»Manuel Göttsching, a German guitarist who made the world's largest 12-inch single (31 minutes) in the early Eighties. E2-E4 is sublime. It's hook was later stolen as the basis of the Italian hit Sueńo Latino« ("The Face", December 1991, England)

»It is marvellous. The ingredients are straightforward enough: one racey, sparkling, subtly changing rhythm over which is added a very fluid, understated guitar line. The result is hypnotic, refreshing and, dare I say it, beautiful.« (D. Elliott, "Sounds", June 1984, England)

»Les disques qui font l'histoire. Souvent copié, le E2-E4 de Manuel Göttsching a influencé les actuels ténors de la techno. Mais personne n'a encore fait mieux que ce morceau sorti en 1984! C'est un disque atypique [...] Le mythique eldorado. [...] une influence incommensurable sur le développement musical de bien des pioniers de la techno et de la house [...] Ce disque est précurseur.« (4/98, "vibrations", France)

source of reviews: http://www.ashra.com/disco/1841e2p.htm

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