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I argue that economic forces have had stronger effects on culture than is commonly believed. The printing press paved the way for classical music, while electricity led to rock and roll --Tyler Cowen

Electric Guitar

...The counterculture of the '60's was rural, romanticized, anti-science, anti-tech. But there was always a lurking contradiction at its heart, symbolised by the electric guitar. Rock technology was the thin edge of the wedge. As the years have passed, rock-tech has grown ever more accomplished, expanding into hi-tech recording, satellite video, and computer graphics. Slowly it is turning rebel pop-culture inside-out, until the artists at pop's cutting edge are now, quite often, cutting edge technicians in the bargain. They are special effects wizards, mixmasters, tape-effects-techs, graphics hackers, emerging through new media to dazzle society with head-trip extravaganzas like FX cinema and the global Live Aid benefit. The contradiction has become an integration..." taken from Mirrorshades - Cyberpunk anthology, written by Bruce Sterling.

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