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Emmanuelle in film

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Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin [Amazon.com]


Emmanuelle, or Emanuelle, is the lead character in a series of French soft core pornographic movies based on a character created by Emmanuelle Arsan in the novel The Joys of a Woman. The character first appeared in a movie called Io, Emmanuelle in 1969 and was played by Erika Blanc. The character was recreated in Emmanuelle in 1974, played by actress Sylvia Kristel, who is probably the actress best identified with the role. In subsequent films, Kristel alternated with Laura Gemser in the role. The Gemser films were in Italian, and in those the character's name was spelt "Emanuelle" (suggesting that these films might not be "official"). The films were spoofed in 1978, when the last Carry On film, Emmannuelle, which starred actress Suzanne Danielle, with Kenneth Williams.

Numerous other films and even a science fiction cable TV series carrying the Emmanuelle title starring Krista Allen have been produced, but most of these have little or no connection to Arsan's character. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuelle [Apr 2005]

Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin

    Sylvia Kristel became an international star as a result of this French screen adaptation of Emmanuelle Argan's controversial book about the initiation of a diplomat's young wife into the world of sensuality. As the pretty wife of a French ambassador in Bangkok, Emmanuelle discovers a burning sexual passion she has previously repressed. Under the tutelage of the wise old Mario, and with her husband's complicity, Emmanuelle discovers the joys of eroticism and lets herself slide into pleasure. --From the Back Cover

    Emmanuelle 4 (1984) - Francis Leroi, Iris Letans [FR] [DE] [UK]

    Emmanuelle 2 (1975) - Francis Giacobetti, Francis Leroi [FR] [DE] [UK]

    Amazon.co.uk Review
    In 1977, Emmanuelle 2 was unleashed on a world hungry for more soft-core adventures in the life of the insatiable eponymous heroine. The action has shifted to Hong Kong under a new director (Francis Giacobetti) with a new supporting cast, but Sylvia Kristel is on hand to reprise her performance as the limpid but voracious architect's wife. Emmanuelle herself is now a more assertive character having taken on board the lessons learned in her first outing. "Chastity is a lack of generosity", she was told. Now she is generous to a fault, sharing herself with a range of nubile acquaintances and a dashing smuggler under the approving gaze of her husband. She has some perky fun in steerage en route to Hong Kong, enjoys fantastic orgasms as a result of extraordinarily painful-looking acupuncture and gets turned on by a wittily fetishistic version of a What the Butler Saw machine. Of all the Emmanuelle films, this one best demonstrates why they have attracted a cult lesbian following over the years. Although the producers were obviously appealing to the male fantasy market on one level, the lesbian scenes are filmed with an honesty and frankness--the soft focus of the first film is more or less abandoned--which had never been seen in anything approaching mainstream cinema before.

    On the DVD: Presented in widescreen 16:9 format, the picture quality of this film is sharper than its predecessor. Although the dubbing remains laughable, the dialogue is probably not the main reason for watching. At least the Dolby Digital stereo soundtrack gives full reign to Francis Lai's (a former composer for Edith Piaf) overripe music. The theme song is sung by Sylvia Kristel herself. The only extra is the original theatrical trailer. --Piers Ford

    Once again the lovely Sylvia Kristel is eager to explore the erogenous delights of the East. --via Amazon.co.uk

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    Laura Gemser in
    Emanuelle e gli Ultimi Cannibali (1977) - Joe D'Amato

    Emanuelle In America (1977) - Joe D'Amato

    Emanuelle In America (1977) - Joe D'Amato [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

    The stunning Laura Gemser stars as Emanuelle, the fearless fashion photographer and investigative photojournalist whose thirst for adventure is matched only by her insatiable erotic hunger. But when Emanuelle uncovers shocking evidence of an international snuff film conspiracy, she is plunged into an odyssey of forbidden passion, depraved desires and unspeakable human brutality. From the lust-filled streets of New York City to the corrupt corridors of Washington D.C. and beyond, one of the most controversial sex and gore epics in exploitation history has finally come home: This is EMANUELLE IN AMERICA!

    Everything you've heard about this jaw-dropping cult classic is true: graphic sex, harrowing violence, a horse named Pedro and much, much more. Directed by the notorious Joe D'Amato (BEYOND THE DARKNESS), EMANUELLE IN AMERICA has been newly mastered from pristine vault materials and is now presented completely uncut for the first time ever! --via Amazon.com

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