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Faze Action

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Could the producers, arrangers and song-doctors of Philly and Salsoul have ever, in their wildest, most self-aggrandising dreams, imagined that one day there would be such a thing as "classicist disco"? That's what Faze Action's Robin & Simon Lee (brothers, not a typo) are. Like Brian Jones and Keith Richards poring over their blues records, Faze Action are purist scholars of the form -- for them the Salsoul Orchestra is Howlin' Wolf and Walter Gibbons is Muddy Waters. Plans & Designs's near eleven-minute title track-- an art-disco percussadelic symphony of tremor-rendous timpani and melodramatic violas, violins and cellos--is the best thing of its ilk since Dinosaur L's "Go Bang" (Arthur Russell at his Van McCoy-meets-Steve Reich peak). --review of Plans & Designs (Nuphonic) in Fave Records of 1997, Simon Reynolds [2003]


  • Faze Action - Plans & Designs [Amazon US]
    An excellent album. Bongo-driven tribal music melded seamlessly with funky house beats - And they're English! If you're fond of mellow Air or Orb style albums with a little bit of Oomph!, buy this immediatly. It's so full of lush strings (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra) and so much live bongo and tabla drums, they are an inch away from being asked to score a movie. Like this? Check out 'Keep It Unreal' by Mr. Scruff, 'Back To Mine' by Groove Armada and anything by Tim 'Love' Lee. - Sean for amazon.com
    1. Plans And Designs 2. Original Disco Motion 3. In And Out 4. In The Trees 5. Astral Projection 6. Turn The Point 7. Vortex 8. Plans & Designs String Reprise
  • Faze Action - Abstract Funk Theory [Amazon.com]
    Faze Action compile a set of their classics. Includes Carry On, Turn Me On
    TRACKLISTING: Space - Carry On, Turn Me On | Richard Evans - Burning Spear | James Vincent - Space Traveller | Brian Bennett - Solstice | Mandre - Light Years (Opus IV) | Creative Source - Let Me In Your Life | Azymuth - Dear Limmertz | Electric City - What's Up | Undisputed Truth - Sandman | Johnny ''Hammond'' Smith - Star Borne | Beach Boys - God Only Knows

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