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Diary of a Chambermaid (1965) - Luis Bu˝uel

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Jeanne Moreau in
Diary of a Chambermaid/Journal D'Une Femme de Chambre - (1965) - Luis Bu˝uel [Amazon.com]
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  • Journal D'Une Femme de Chambre/Diary of a Chambermaid - (1965) - Luis Bu˝uel [Amazon.com]
    Considered surrealist Luis Bu˝uel most linear film, Diary of a Chambermaid is an excellent introduction to this director's dark satirical world of social criticism. Loosely based on Mirbeau's Journal D'Une Femme de Chambre, Bu˝uel uses the beautiful French countryside as a backdrop to ruthlessly display his favorite subjects: Catholicism, the bourgeoisie, nationalism, and moral decay. Jeanne Moreau is Celestine, a chambermaid from Paris who takes a job at a picturesque country estate. When the body of the staff's daughter is discovered raped and murdered, Celesine does whatever is necessary to uncover the girl's killer. She quickly learns that her new employees, though apparent pillars of nouveau aristocracy, are as morally corrupt as the girlĺs murderer. Though extremely linear for Bu˝uel, Diary of a Chambermaid does not lack for profound, symbolic imagery and cryptic revelations. --Rob Bracco, Amazon.com

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