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Full Intention

Who the hell are...Full Intention?
Full Intention are Mike Gray and Jon Pearn, a couple of UK DJ's and producers that you may or may not have heard of. They've been working together for eleven years now making the kind of club anthems that have dominated the cooler and more commercial clubs ever since they began. Despite having remixed just about everyone worth remixing the pair keep a relatively low public profile and are rarely seen on the cover of Mixmag.

Everyone's heard of Full Intention though. They had that big hit a few years back. The one that went 'I Love America'?
You mean 'America'.

That's right. But I though they were Americans?
Not at all. The track was packaged like an American import and sold as an import so that DJs would think it was a stateside production by some big US producers. The label even looked like a classic 70's disco label with a modern day Paradise Garage style logo. It was an old scam but the music industry fell for it...suckers.

Didn't they remix that big tune, y'know the one that got in the the charts.
Do you mean 'What You Need' by Powerhouse?

That's the one.
Or do you mean 'To Be In Love' by Masters At Work, 'Tears' by Frankie Knuckles, 'Be Alone' by Another Level, 'Found A Cure' and 'You're Free' by Ultra Nate, or even 'So In Love With You' by Duke?

They are all house classics. Did they remix all of them?
You betcha. They've also produced stunning mixes on 'Looking For Love' by Karen Ramirez, the much sought after DMC mix of 'Cosmic Girl' by Jamiroquai, and 'Do You Know' by Michelle Gayle, one of the biggest vocal tracks on the gay scene in the last five years.

They obviously know what they are doing in the studio. They should do more of their own stuff rather than just remixing.
The guys never stop working and have had quite a few tracks out since 'America'. They had a hit under the name 'Sex-o-Sonique' called 'I Thought It Was You', an Ibiza smash last summer called 'Hustle Espanol' and a big club hit this winter with 'A Definite Strangeness'.

These guys must never see daylight. Do they ever get out of the studio?
Of course they do. They DJ all over the world, have record deals with American record companies, run their own record label called D Tension and produce their own website.

So how in demand are they?
Well for every one remix they do they have to turn down ten to fifteen.

So they're not going to sleep until summer comes around again like certain other producers do?
Hardly. They have produced three mouth watering releases scheduled for Spring. The Full Intention Spring Collection includes Anthony Moriah's 'Whatcha Doin Now?', Essence's 'How Long?' and Debbie Pender's 'Be Yourself'.

Looks like they could have a hit at the Miami Winter Music Conference this year then.
It wouldn't be a surprise, the Americans just love them, the British love them and every A&R man in the business wants them to remix their music.

So, another big year of Number One singles and classic remixes for them then?
Sure, but this time next year you'll still be asking "Didn't they remix that big tune, y'know the one that got in the the charts?"

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