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Gay history

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gayhistory.com is an introduction to the stories and the people of modern gay history (1700-1973). The site is an ongoing project and most articles about gay male history from 1700-1900 have been completed. -- Andrew Wikholm http://www.gayhistory.com/ [Sept 2004]


The People and the Stories of Modern Gay History

    Introduction:  What's a Modern Homosexual?
    1700-1800:  Sodomitical Subcultures Emerge
    1710:  Masturbation Condemned in Onania
    1715:  Parisian Police Entrap "Pederasts"
    1726:  Mollies Arrested in London
    1730:  Dutch Sodomite Massacre
    1760:  Tissot Declares Masturbation Dangerous
    1786:  Pennsylvania Drops Death Penalty
    1791:  "Pederasty" Decriminalized in France
    1794:  Prussia Rescinds Death Penalty
    1828:  New Sodomy Law in England
    1836:  H�ssli Publishes "Eros"
    1850-1900:  Doctors Medicalize Sex
    1853:  France Criminalizes Cross Dressing
    Biography:  K. M. Benkert/Kertbeny
    1857:  Tardieu Diagnoses "Pederasty"
    1857:  Morel Invents Degeneration
    1857:  Acton Cures Masturbatory Diseases
    Biography:  Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
    1861:  England Rescinds Death Penalty
    1864:  Ulrichs Invents Urnings
    1869:  Kertbeny coins "Homosexuality"
    1869:  Westphal Invents Sexual Inversion
    1871:  Germany Adopts Paragraph 175
    Biography:  Walt Whitman
    1885:  England Criminalizes "Gross Indecency"
    1886:  Krafft-Ebing Diagnoses Degenerates
    1889:  Scandal on Cleveland Street
    Biography:  Havelock Ellis
    Biography:  Oscar Wilde
    Biography:  Magnus Hirschfeld
    1896:  Der Eigene Goes to Press
    1896:  Ellis Publishes Sexual Inversion
    1896:  Raffalovich Condemns Doctors
    1897:  Hirschfeld Forms Committee
    Biography:  Sigmund Freud
    1905:  Freud Invents Sexuality
    1912:  Steinach Alters Sexuality with Hormones
    1924:  Gerber Starts Society for Human Rights
    1928:  Brits Censor "The Well of Loneliness"
    1941:  Henry Publishes "Sex Variants"
    Biography:  Harry Stack Sullivan
    Biography:  Alfred Kinsey
    1948: Kinsey Publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

-- -- Andrew Wikholm http://www.gayhistory.com/rev2/contents.htm

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