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Georges Pichard (1920-2003)

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Illustrated works by: Pierre Louÿs

Georges Pichard (D'après "Trois filles de leur mère" de Pierre Louÿs)


Georges Pichard (1920 - 2003) was a French comics artist.

Pichard adapted classic erotic stories such as Mémoirs d'un Don Juan by Guillaume Apollinaire and The Kama-Sutra by Vatsyayana and several works by Pierre Louÿs. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Pichard [Aug 2005]


Georges Pichard studied at l'École des Arts Appliqués in Paris. Later, he returned there as a teacher. He went into publishing, but in 1946 he switched to illustrating. He worked for various magazines and made his comic debut in 1956 with 'Miss Mimi'. In 1964, he met writer Jacques Lob, with whom he created some superhero parodies such as 'Ténébrax' and 'Submerman', before entering the field in which he became famous - erotic comics.

The first of this genre was 'Blanche Épiphanie' in 1967. In 1970, he created, together with writer Georges Wolinski, his most famous character: Paulette. Many other round-breasted beauties followed her, like Caroline Choléra, Marie-Gabrielle and Carmen. Pichard worked together with various writers, of whom Danie Dubos was one of the most interesting for her outstanding scenarios. Pichard adapted some of the world's famous erotic stories such as 'Mémoirs d'un Don Juan' by Guillaume Apollinaire and 'The Kama-Sutra' by Vatsyayana.

Pichard's style is immediately recognizable: he draws tall, well-endowed women, whose starry eyes with excessive make-up give them a teutonian and gothic look. Apart from being a master of the erotic genre, Pichard also illustrated countless books and magazines, drew humor cartoons and made lithographs in his more than 40-year long career.

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    1. The Illustrated Kama Sutra - Georges Pichard [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      The great French erotic artist Georges Pichard beautifully (and quite unabashedly!) illustrates the famous Indian classic on the art of making love. Both volumes include over 86 illustrations embellishing the text. --Book Description
      This book actually deserves zero stars. The illustrations have nothing to do with the text -- they're all bondage, S&M, and other highly disturbing stuff. If you're really interested in the Kama Sutra, get the new unabridged translation, not this garbage. -- a US reader for amazon

    2. Marie-Gabrielle - George Pichard [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      Marie-Gabrielle is a graphic BDSM novel that is definitely not for the weak at heart. It is the story of young noble woman who visits a strict Catholic nunnery where wanton women are punished harshly for indulging in sins of the flesh. As she tours the dungeons, pits and workcrews where these unfortunately drudges are toiling away, she is regaled with the explicit tales of the women's indulgences and the horrifying punishments inflicted upon them in order to make them reform.
      This novella has been around for sometime and remains popular. I, however, can not explain why. The illustrations are not particularly well done and the characters are somewhat unattractive. The bondage and torture devices are fairly extreme but not particularly original or imaginative. I guess one of the redeeming qualities of the book is the more extensive than usual dialog and story line for this type of book. In terms of bondage illustrations and stories, I find Michael Manning more interesting, but if you want to see voluptuous (i.e. fat) women being humiliated and tortured then this book will interested you. --SH in Arlington for amazon.com

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