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Hara Kiri (1960 - 1969)

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Hara Kiri, a 1960s French satirical magazine subtitled "Journal bête et méchant" (Stupid and evil magazine), were constantly aiming at established powers, be they political parties or institutions like the Church or the State. [Jun 2006]

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Professeur Choron in a Hara Kiri photoplay
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In 1960, Georges Bernier, Cavanna and Fred Aristidès created satirical journal Hara-Kiri.

Other contributors included Reiser, Roland Topor, Moebius, Wolinski, Gébé, Cabu, Delfeil de Ton, Fournier, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou and Willem.

In 1961 and 1966 they were temporarily banned by the French Government.

In November 1970, following the death of general de Gaulle, Hara-Kiri publishes a cover: « Bal tragique à Colombey : 1 mort » (English: tragic ball at Colombey: 1 dead).

The choice of the title refers to a tragedy of the same month: a fire at a discotheque where 146 people were killed. As a result, the magazine was immediately and permanently banned by the French authorities.

Charlie Hebdo is started immediately afterwards. Charlie in the title refers to general de Gaulle. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hara-Kiri_%28magazine%29 [Jul 2005]

Georges Bernier (1929 - 2005)

Georges Bernier aka Professeur Choron

Georges Bernier (September 21, 1929 - January 10, 2005) or Le Professeur Choron as he was more commonly known, was a French humorist and founder of Hara Kiri magazine.

He was orphaned by his father at 11 years and without a proper education, he vacillated between many jobs before fighting in the Indochina Wars for 28 months. On his return, he worked in the press, and rose through the ranks to take the position of Head of Sales of a satirical newspaper, Zero. It was here that he met François Cavanna, with whom he founded the periodical. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Bernier [Jun 2006]

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