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Henri Xhonneux

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Marquis (1989) - Henri Xhonneux [Amazon.com]

“Both [Quills and Marquis] get inside de Sade’s urge to write no matter what, using sheets and his own blood, although Marquis makes far less melodramatic fuss about the frustrated creative urge than Quills does.” --Richard Scheib, 2001

Marquis (1989), a French/Belgian co-production that combines puppetry and animation to tell a whimsical tale of the Marquis (portrayed, literally, as a jackass, voiced by Francois Marthouret) imprisoned in the pre-Revolution Bastille.

An audacious rendering of the political, social and sexual manners of the ancien regime and the class division and social disruption that produced the French Revolution. Adapted from the writings of the Marquis de Sade, Henri Xhonneux and Roland Topor's elegantly witty film uses elaborate puppets in human form to act out erotic and sexual decadence. "Elegantly naughty with wry, intellectual satire. The film plays out all manner of human desire" (J. Hoberman). via http://www.1worldfilms.com/France/Henri Xhonneux .htm [Jan 2005]

Plot: A dog, the Marquis, has been imprisoned in The Bastille for his notoriously pornographic writings. He has conversations with Colin, his penis, who dislikes the Marquis' writings. The rooster governor Gaetan de Preaubois discovers that the cow Justine is pregnant with the king's child. To save the king embarrassment, de Preaubois and the Dom Pimpero conspire to have Justine placed in the Marquis's cell where they can then claim the notoriously depraved libertine forced himself upon her. But instead Justine is moved by the Marquis's prose and the two fall for one another. Revolutionaries want to free the Marquis's neighbour, the police chief Lupino who imprisoned the Marquis, and the Marquis agrees to give into the rat guard Ambert's desire to be buggared for the good of the revolution. But he then finds difficulty persuading Colin to accept the task. At the same time Dom Pimpero has found he can make money by selling the Marquis's pornographic writings without his knowledge, but has difficulty getting his hands on new material. --http://www.moria.co.nz/fantasy/marquis.htm [Jan 2007]

Librement inspiré de l'enfermement du Marquis de Sade à la Bastille, Marquis, film de Henri Xhonneux de 1989, dont le scénario, les dialogues et la direction artistique sont assurés par Roland Topor, mêle allègrement l'enquête historique (sur l'annonce de la Révolution française), l'intrigue policière et la dissertation philosophique sur la cohabitation de l'homme et de ses pulsions. Mixte de cinéma en prise de vue réelle et de scènes d'animation, téléscopage de références tant historiques qu'artistiques, le film baigne dans une ambiance fantasmatique où les pulsions sadiques sont reconverties dans l'humour porté tant dans la finesse des dialogues que la multiplicité des détails inventifs, à l'image des personnages mi-hommes mi-animaux, portant le masque selon la marque de fabrique du créateur de Téléchat. --http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marquis_%28Roland_Topor%29 [Jan 2007]


--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri Xhonneux [Mar 2006]

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