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Henry Hayler

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In April 1874

In April 1874, police entered the studio of Henry Hayler, a London photographer, and confiscated 130,248 obscene photographs. Having been alerted in advance of the raid, Hayler was already en route to New York. A court order was issued, and the photographs destroyed. So much for the truth: a chance-find now gives a glimpse of what was lost in the largest police raid of its kind. Bill Jay recently came upon Haylerís journal at a car-boot sale in Maidenhead. The journal provides a first-hand report of Haylerís activities (photographic and otherwise), but is not only of biographical interest: hidden in its cover are nine albumen prints bearing Haylerís signature. 61 Pimlico comprises the entries of the journal and tipped-in duotone reproductions of the only photographs believed to exist today by this controversial Victorian. --http://www.nazraeli.com/nazraeli/photomon/39-6.html [Aug 2004]

Naughty! (1971) - Stanley A. Long

This British exploitation film features Henry Hayler. See also: Stanley Long

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