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The desire to dance is innate; it has exerted a constant influence on music.


Possessed at birth; inborn.

Possessed as an essential characteristic; inherent.

Of or produced by the mind rather than learned through experience: an innate knowledge of right and wrong.

Synonyms: innate, inborn, inbred, congenital, hereditary
These adjectives mean existing in a person or thing from birth or origin. Something that is innate seems essential to the nature, character, or constitution: innate common sense. Inborn strongly implies that something has been present since birth: inborn intelligence. What is inbred has often been ingrained through earliest training or associations: an inbred love of music. Congenital is applied principally to characteristics, especially defects, acquired during fetal development: a congenital disease. It is also used figuratively of characteristics or people with characteristics that are so deep-seated as to appear natural: a congenital pessimism; a congenital liar. Hereditary refers to what is transmitted by biological heredity (a hereditary heart anomaly) or by tradition: “that ignorance and superstitiousness hereditary to all sailors” (Herman Melville). --American Heritage Dictionary

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