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Iwan Bloch (1872 - 1922)


Iwan Bloch (1872-1922) was a Berlin dermatologist and and often called the first sexologist. He discovered de Sade’s manuscript of The 120 Days of Sodom, which had been believed to be lost. He published the manuscript in 1904 under the pseudonym Eugène Dühren.

Together with Magnus Hirschfeld Bloch proposed the new concept of a science of sexuality: Sexualwissenschaft or sexology.

Iwan Bloch began the publication of his "Handbuch der gesamten Sexualwissenschaft in Einzeldarstellungen" (Handbook of Sexology in its Entirety Presented in Separate Studies). Three volumes appeared, the project was aborted because of Bloch's untimely death.

Other publications include The sexual life of our time; a complete encyclopedia of the sexual sciences in their relation to modern civilization (1906).

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Les 120 Journées de Sodome - Sade

Les 120 Journées de Sodome. Publié pour la première fois d'après le manuscrit original, avec des annotations scientifiques par le Docteur Eugène Dühren [Iwan Bloch]. Paris [Berlin]: Club des Bibliophiles [Max Harwitz], 1904.

Large square octavo (254 × 170 mm.), pp. [viii], 544. Disbound, in a custom-made fall down back box. First edition of the most extraordinary and original of Sade's works; with Justine one of his two major texts. No. 98 of 160 copies on verge paper, from a complete edition of only 200 copies, containing a facsimile of a portion of the original manuscript. Written in the Bastille over 37 nights starting 20 August 1785, the manuscript comprised a roll of paper 13 yards long by 5 inches wide, covered on both sides by Sade's microscopic script. This could be rolled up and easily hidden in a gap in the wall of his cell. On the fall of the Bastille, the manuscript was lost and eventually came into the possession of the Villeneuve-Trans family where it remained for over a century, until 1904 when it was edited by 'Dr. Eugene Duhren' (in fact Dr. Ivan Bloch, author of numerous sexological works), and published clandestinely in Berlin by Max Harwitz. At once the first attempt to compile a Psychopathia Sexualis and a nihilistic cry of rage at the destructive egotism and hypocracy of human nature, this was fairly described by Geoffery Gorer in his pioneering book of 1933, comparing it with Kafka's The Castle, as 'one of the most extraordinary books in the world'. This first edition is now rare.

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