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Jean-François Davy (1945 - )

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Exhibition (1975) Jean-François Davy

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Exhibition de Jean-François Davy attire 575.000 spectateurs sur Paris-périphérie et 15 M sur la France, soit un score comparable au succès des James Bond de l'époque. --http://www.zecinema.com/doss_erot2.htm [May 2005]

The movie called Exhibition was the first hardcore pornographic film to be shown at the New York Film Festival, in 1975. It is a French movie directed by Jean-Francis Davy and has boring and unconvincing pretensions to sociological significance. Much of it emanates from an interview with Claudine Beccarie, the Linda Lovelace of French Cinema of the period. We hear her views on sexual liberation, her childhood fantasies, but not on politics. ("Too personal!") We see her friends in the porno business. Occasionally we watch her in action. Hardcore buffs will find the movie tedious. Documentary fans will find it spurious. --Gerald A. DeLuca via imdb.com, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072959/ [Apr 2005]

Philosophy of The Bedroom

An official of the French Ministry of Culture wrote with the utmost seriousness about "the exceptional human testimony" delivered in the film. Exhibition, in fact, is a formidable success in France and was shown recently during the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center. Some 15 blocks south of that great concrete culture bunker, down around the Times Square area. Exhibition would be spotted pretty quickly for what it really is—porn that makes excuses for itself. ----J.C., Nov. 17, 1975, Time Magazine http://www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,917941,00.html [Apr 2005]

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