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Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)

Lifespan: 1871 - 1922

Related: French literature - Modernist literature

Titles: In Search of Lost Time (1913 -1927)

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"True variety is in that plenitude of real and unexpected elements." --attributed to Marcel Proust in Journeys by DJ, Desert Island Mix (2002) - Gilles Peterson [Amazon US]


Marcel-Valentin-Louis-Eugène-Georges Proust (July 10, 1871 – November 18, 1922) was a French intellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, best known as the author of In Search of Lost Time (in French À la recherche du temps perdu, also translated previously as Remembrance of Things Past), a monumental work in twentieth-century fiction. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_Proust [Sept 2005]

Parisian stock exchange

Marcel Proust sequestered himself in a cork-lined room to write, covering himself in blankets and venturing outside no more than fifteen minutes a day. Yet he relied on his family's wealth, obtained through the Parisian stock exchange. --Tyler Cowen

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