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Related: music - melodrama

Music primarily based on melody (as compared to rhythm): classical music

Related by title: Melody Nelson (1971) - Serge Gainsbourg

Contrast: rhythm

It is probably the fault of our Eurocentricism that dance music's importance has been downplayed for so long. Just as copyright laws protect the western ideals of melody and lyric but largely ignore the significance of rhythm and bassline, musical histories have avoided taking dance music seriously for fear of its lack of words, its physical rather than cerebral nature (hip hop, with its verbal emphasis, and techno, with its obsessive theorizing, are the rule-proving exceptions). And surprisingly, most writers who have explored dance music have written about it as if nobody went to a club to dance before about 1987. --Last Night a DJ Saved my Life (1999) - Brewster and Broughton [Oct 2004]

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