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Parents: adult - gender - human

Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)

Contrast: women

Representation of masculinity: actors - male characters (real and fictional)

By medium: men's fiction - men's magazine

Homosexual males: gay - homoeroticism

Male stereotypes: adventure - dead white European males - macho / alpha male - testosterone - war

"It is an interesting observation that a culture that seems so bent on standardisation, centralisation, hierarchies, etc. - the computer being the epitome of all that - should be developping into a culture which seems to demand quite the opposite. Suddenly, the skills which have been promoted so much in the past - that is a straightforward and very logical way of thinking , i.e. the classic male thinking - begins to become quite dysfunctional." --Sadie Plant in Fringecore magazine Aug/Sept 98

'Black music' is much more common than 'white music', probably for the same sort of reasons that expressions like 'women's history' or 'women's music' would cause far fewer eyebrows to be raised than 'men's history' or 'men's music' (if ever the latter were ever to be used at all in our part of the world). Such terms are relative to the hegemony of the culture of their user, so 'men's music' and 'white music' will sound stranger in a culture dominated by white males than 'women's music' or 'black music': they are the exception and we are the rule. They need identification cards, we don't. -- http://www.tagg.org/articles/opelet.html [1987]

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