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Wednesday, 4 February 1998, Brussels, Belgium: Bill Gates encaked by Noel Godin

Bill Gates

In Brussels, Belgium, to visit European Union officials, the Microsoft chairman was struck in the face with a cream pastry--a cake or possibly a pie--as he was entering a government building to give a speech on education.

Windows XP Media Center Edition

Windows XP Media Center Edition is a version of Windows XP, Based on Windows XP Professional, designed around being a Home Entertainment System, with specialist optimizations for TV recording and playback, DVD playing, video playback, recording and editing, picture view, music listening, and other functions related to the main features. The latest edition, MCE 2005, was released on October 12th, 2004. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_XP_Media_Center_Edition [Jan 2005]

Links [...]

There have been attempts to control the placing of links. Most famously, in April 1997 Ticketmaster, with breathtaking short-sightedness, sued Microsoft because Microsoft’s Sidewalk city guides were linking from pages about upcoming concerts to the Ticketmaster page where you could buy tickets for that concert. A less arrogant company would have seen this as a marketing coup – Microsoft was drumming up business for Ticketmaster. But Ticketmaster couldn’t get past the sites-are-stores model. Although the direct links to the Ticketmaster concert pages were a convenience for the user, Ticketmaster wanted to drag users through their front door and down all the aisles in order to get to the bananas. This would have been enough to drive a significant number of users to Ticketmaster’s competitors … if Ticketmaster had competitors. Unfortunately, Microsoft settled the suit and Sidewalk agreed to link only to Ticketmaster’s home page – a bigger loss for customers than for Microsoft. --David Weinberger in Small Pieces

Alexa Watch

[...] Alexa rankings don't tell you an absolute figure, but they do allow you to estimate traffic relative to other sites. Furthermore, it's very likely that the distribution of traffic across sites follows a power law, so those below 70,000-odd probably receive several orders of magnitude less traffic than those in the top 7,000.

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