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The Mizell Brothers


Larry and Fonce (Alphonso) Mizell, without no doubt the hottest songwriters and producers of the 1970's, gave us with their Sky High Productions some of the finest jazz-funk and R&B records ever produced. Born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey, Larry and Fonce both graduated with Masters in music from Howard University in Washington DC. Among their teachers was Dr. Donald Byrd, who recognized their talent and played an instrumental part in the inception of their careers. --http://www.skyhigh-mizell.tk [Feb 2005]

Donald Byrd [...]

Fonce Mizell, Larry Mizell collaborated with Donald Byrd on his best tracks.


  • http://www.worldtraveller.f9.co.uk/music/mizells/
  • http://www.skyhigh-mizell.tk [Feb 2005]

    Selected discography

    Rance Allen Say My Friend 1977 Capitol 
    Gary Bartz The Shadow Do... 1975 Prestige 
    Donald Byrd Black Byrd 1972 Capitol 
      Street Lady 1973 Capitol 
      Places & Spaces 1975 Blue Note 
      Stepping Into Tomorrow 1975 Blue Note 
      Caricatures 1976 Blue Note 
      The Best of Donald Byrd 1992 Blue Note 
      Blue Break Beats 1998 Blue Note 
    Roger Glenn Reachin' 1976 Fantasy 
    Johnny Hammond Gamblerís Life 1974 Salvation 
      Gears 1975 Fantasy 
    Bobbi Humphrey Blacks & Blues 1973 Blue Note 
      Satin Doll 1974 Blue Note 
      Fancy Dancer 1975 Blue Note 
      The Best Of Bobbi Humphrey 1992 Blue Note 
      Blue Break Beats 1998 Blue Note 
    Edwin Starr Hell Up In Harlem 1973 Motown 
    A Taste Of Honey A Taste Of Honey 1978 Capitol 
      Another Taste 1979 Capitol 
    Various Sky High - The Mizell Brothers 1998 Blue Note 

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