Peter Fryer


Peter Fryer joined the Communist Party in 1942. After the war he worked as a journalist for the Daily Worker. He was in Budapest in 1956 and reported the Hungarian Uprising for the newspaper. Fryer, who was critical of the actions of the Soviet Union, found his reports were censored. Fryer responded by having the material published in the New Statesman. As a result he was suspended from the party for "publishing in the capitalist press attacks on the Communist Party."

Fryer resigned from the Daily Worker published a full account of the uprising in The Hungarian Tragedy (1956). He later became a member of the Socialist Labour League.

Other books by Fryer include The Battle for Socialism (1959), Oldest Ally, A Portrait of Salazar's Portugal (1961), Mrs Grundy, Studies in English Prudery (1964), The Birth Controllers (1965), Private Case - Public Scandal (1981), Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain (1984), Black People in the British Empire (1988), The Politics of Windrush (1999) and Rhythms of Resistance (2000).

Private Case - Public Scandal (1981)

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