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Peter Webb


I acquired a Dutch translation of A history of Erotic Literature (1982) by Patrick J. Kearney in August 2004 via Vulcanus book store..

A couple of weeks before, Jul 31, 2004, I found The Erotic Arts (1975) by Peter Webb at De Slegte.

These two books motivated to extend my erotica pages.

The Erotic Arts (1975) - Peter Webb

The Erotic Arts (1975) - Peter Webb [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Bought it at De Slegte Jul 31, 2004, a second hand bookstore in Antwerp, Belgium. Very well referenced and I like the early seventies point of view. Has an interview with Hans Bellmer. Recommended.

Even one of the most liberal advocates of the freedom to read and see sexually explicit art, Peter Webb, author of The Erotic Arts (1975), completely loses his case when he accepts one definition of "pornography" by saying that it is linked to "obscenity" rather than to "eroticism." As I see it, the adjective "erotic" is simply used to describe an obscenity more than a hundred years old. It is very much a matter of the hallowed past, and a game with words that operates on the principle by which "second-hand" furniture eventually becomes "antique." At least in popular usage. --http://www.infopt.demon.co.uk/pornogra.htm [Aug 01]

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