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Primitivism is the condition or quality of being primitive. Primitivism can refer to any philosophy which seeks to return to their roots, such as Muslims and Christians who seek to return to the first few centuries of Islam or Christianity. The Amish are a particularly obvious example of this, and the primitive baptist church is another.

Indigenous peoples and their beliefs and practices are sometimes described as "primitive", a usage that is seen as unhelpful and inaccurate by the vast majority of contemporary anthropologists and similar professionals.

There are also various political or theoretical concepts regarding the primitive condition, or its advocation. Primitive communism postulates a pre-agrarian form of communism. Anarcho-primitivism advocates a return to a primitive condition. Luddites had a related philosophy. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primitive [Dec 2005]


[Middle English, from Old French primitif, primitive, from Latin, from primus, first. --American Heritage Dictionary

Re/Search #12: Modern Primitives (1989) - V. Vale (Editor)

  1. Re/Search #12: Modern Primitives (1989) - V. Vale (Editor) [Amazon US]
    An anthropological inquiry into a contemporary social enigma--the increasingly popular revival of ancient human decoration practices such as symbolic/deeply personal tattooing, multiple piercings, and scarification. "Primitive" actions which rupture conventional confines of behavior and aesthetics are objectively scrutinized. In context of the death of global frontiers, this volume charts the territory of the last remaining underdeveloped source of first-hand experience: the human body. --From the Back Cover

    MODERN PRIMITIVES #12 Modern Primitives examines a vivid contemporary enigma: the growing revival of highly visual (and sometimes shocking) "primitive" body modification practices-tattooing, multiple piercing, and scarification. Perhaps Nietzsche has an explanation: "One of the things that may drive thinkers to despair is the recognition f the fact that the illogical is necessary for man and that out of the illogical comes much that is good. It is so firmly rooted in the passions, in language,... -- Excerpted from Modern Primitives by V. Vale and Andrea Juno. Copyright 1989. via jahsonic.com

    The New York Times called "Modern Primitives" "the Bible of the underground tattooing and body piercing movement." Crammed with illustrations and information, it's now considered a classic that thoroughly investigates ancient human decoration practices such as tattooing, piercing, scarification and more. --Book Description

    Modern Primitives are people in developed nations who engage in body modification rituals and practices derived in part from rite of passage practicies in primitive cultures. Practices include body piercing, tattooing, play piercing, flesh hook suspension, corset training, scarification, branding, and cutting. The motivation for engaging in these varied practices may be personal growth, rite of passage, spiritual, sexual, or curiosity.

    Fakir Musafar is considered the father of the modern primitive movement. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_primitive [Dec 2005]

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