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Pussy Talk (1975) - Claude Mulot

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The film concerns a woman who's vagina starts to talk, a trope which had already been used by Denis Diderot more than 200 years earlier in his The Indiscreet Jewels (1748) [Jul 2006]

Penelope Lamour


Le Sexe qui parle (The Sex Who Talks) is a French adult film of 1975. It was not only the first exclusive hardcore feature film produced and released in France but also the first one that met international success. The film was exported to the USA with the title Pussy Talk and started a period of French porn chic in America, followed soon by films such as Candy’s Candy (Candice Candy) and Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street (Mes Nuits avec Alice, Pénélope, Arnold, Maude et Richard) in 1976. The film was directed by Claude Mulot (as Frédéric Lansac) who also directed a sequel to Le Sexe qui parle in 1977, which starts with the “infection” passed by Eric to a prostitute. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sex_Who_Talks [Jul 2006]

K.H. Brown review

via http://www.kinocite.co.uk

The central gimmick - with the action punctuated by shots from the vagina's POV - feels somehow quintessentially French, giving the piece more intellectual gravitas than the likely American model of Deep Throat. The whole alternative title/subtitle Le Sexe qui Parle is replete with double meaning, "the sex" referring to both gender and female genitalia, and allusions to notions to French feminist and psychoanalytic theories of "the sex which cannot speak" - i.e. the female.


Nevertheless, you just know that someone, somewhere out there is going to discover the film and produce an academic paper exploring Pussy Talk's discourses around self and alterity and masculine constructions of female identity, making heavy-handed use of lines like the one where the pussy informs the reporter to come closer - "don't worry, I don't bite" - or constructing a history of similarly themed entries from Ever Ready the detachable penis-cum-phallus in the 1920s to the present as a history of meconnaissance in the porno genre… K.H. Brown via http://www.kinocite.co.uk/16/1620.php [Jan 2005]

Known as El Topo while writing for iofilm K H Brown is the founder of Kinocite. He likes most sorts of cinema, so long as it's interesting - mainstream Hollywood need not apply. --http://www.kinocite.co.uk/contributors/1.php [Jan 2005]

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