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Randy Muller

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  • 'Movin' On'
    • Brass Construction (Randy Muller, fabulous track (MAW 'Got Myself Together')

    Brass Construction

    Brass Construction: Perhaps no other group was as close to the real seventies funk spirit as Brass Construction. Multitalent Randy Muller, a percussionist who played keyboards and flute, set up Brass Construction together with high school friend Jeff Lane in New York in 1974. The 9 members of Brass Construction formed a rich conglomerate of the very funk that was happening at that time. Their formula was the real essence of funk : a pulsating polyrythmic sound, smoking arrangements of brass driving on deep percussion and happy funky chants. The first album in 1975, 'Brass Construction I' was an instant hit. It featured Movin', nowadays recognized as an alltime funk prototype. The message of Brass Construction was not only heard on vinyl, but wherever they played live, they turned the crowd ecstatic. http://www.xyberweb.com/freestyle/brass.htm

    The band met producer Jeff Lane after winning a battle of the bands contest. Lane's Dock Records released a single on the band now called Brass Construction, "Two Timin' Woman". They also released a mid 70s single as Wood Block and Steel that later became popular with house music fans in the 80s. After the band became Brass Construction, they got a deal with United Artists Records. Their first LP, Brass Construction was produced by Lane and issued in February 1976. One driving track called "Movin'", which was initially created from an impromptu jam session, began to become popular in disco clubs and started gaining airplay on R&B and disco-oriented radio stations.

    Released as a single, "Movin'" b/w "Talkin'" hit #1 R&B, #14 Pop on Billboard's charts in spring 1976. The followup, "Changin'" made it to #24 R&B, summer 1976.Brass Construction went platinum, peaking at #10 Pop, spring 1976 and also yielded the radio-aired LP tracks, "Peekin'" with its the funny voyeur theme and the optimistic "Love". The LP introduced the Irving Spice string section who were a key ingredient in the band's sound

  • During the eighties, Randy Muller was occupied doing productions for Skyy, Cameron (both on Salsoul, BT Expres, Funk Deluxe, First Circle ..
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