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Infrequently occurring; uncommon: a rare event; a plant that is rare in this region.

Of an uncommon nature; unusually excellent; valuable to a degree seldom found.

Usage: Rare, Scarce. We call a thing rare when but few examples, specimens, or instances of it are ever to be met with; as, a rare plant. We speak of a thing as scarce, which, though usually abundant, is for the time being to be had only in diminished quantities; as, a bad harvest makes corn scarce.

What makes an item rare?

Over the past years, millions and millions of books, records, CDs have come off printing presses. Only a small portion of these pieces, however, would be considered "rare" by specialists. In simple terms, an item achieves some degree of rarity only when the demand for it is greater than the supply. Such a broad definition suggests that rarity is very subjective. Indeed it is, and this fact keeps collectors, dealers, and librarians constantly on the lookout for items previously neglected but now seen as important. Unfortunately, there are no easy formulas or unequivocal guides to rarity. In fact, there is often no one distinctive feature that will set a rare item apart from other items. In the final analysis, the most essential factor is the item's intrinsic importance, for only items with some acknowledged importance will have a consumer demand that creates market value and a sense of rarity. -- adjusted from http://www.rbms.nd.edu/yob.html

Top twenty wanted movies wanted by impossiblyfunky.com

  1. Angels and Cherubs / Angeles Y Querubines (Rafael Corkidi, 1972, Cine Producciones/Azteca, Mexico)
  2. Big Grey-Blue Bird, A / Bottom, ein großer graublauer Vogel / Grosso uccello grigio azzurro, Un (Thomas Schamoni, 1971, West Germany)
  3. Hu-Man (Jérôme Laperrousaz, France, 1975)
  4. Birds In Peru / Birds Come To Die In Peru / Les Oiseaux Vont Mourir Au Perou (Romain Gary, 1968)
  5. Kingdom, The / Okuku (Kanai Katsu, Japan, 1973)
  6. Brand X (Win / Wynn / Wyn Chamberlain, 1970 (Starring Taylor Meade & Sam Shepard))
  7. Death May Be Your Santa Claus (Frankie Dymon Jr, UK, 1969)
  8. Pink Lady's Motion Picture / Pinku redi no katsudoshashin (Shusei Kotani / Tom Kotani, 1978, Japan)
  9. There Is No 13 (William Sachs, 1974, Film Ventures International)
  10. Boob Tube Strikes Again / The Coming Of Seymour / Fabulous Fanny (Lee Frost, 1977)
  11. Heartbeat In The Brain (Amanda Feilding, UK, 1970)
  12. Poupée, La / The Doll / He, She, Or It / Lalka / Die Puppe (Jacques Baratier, 1962, France)
  13. Troika (Frederic Hobbs & Gordon Mueller, 1969, USA, Emerson)
  14. What Is It? (Crispin Hellion Glover, USA)
  15. Bells Of Silesia, The / Das Unheil / Les Cloches De Silésie (Peter Fleischmann, 1972, Germany)
  16. Marines, Les / Il fiore e la violenza (Francois Reichenbach, 1957, France)
  17. Without Warning / The Story Without A Name / Sangue Sotto la Luna / Achtung! Blondinengangster (Arnold Laven, USA, 1952)
  18. Pubertinaje (José Antonio Alcaraz, Pablo Leder & Luis Urias, 1971, Mexico, Producciones Viskin)
  19. Big Departure, The / Grand Depart, Le (Martial Raysse, 1972, France, Nouvelles Editions de Films)
--http://www.impossiblefunky.com/masterwants.htm [Dec 2005]

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