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Andy Warhol’s Empire makes bold use of pure real time; a static movie camera records the Empire State Building for eight continuous hours. [Aug 2006]

The 1973 film The Mother and the Whore is a plotless film in a style seemingly borrowed from cinéma vérité documentaries. It is almost 4 hours long. It tries to capture real life in post-May 1968 France. A typical scene is one where Marie comes home, puts a record on the turntable and listens to it in real time. [Aug 2006]


Real-time is a term used to describe a motion picture, television or radio program, or computer game wherein the events depicted take place entirely within the span of time that lasts from the beginning of the depiction to the end, and at the same rate.

For example, everything that is shown within a linear thirty-minute real-time television episode will occur within the thirty minutes that is filmed. In a real-time episode there will be no cuts to action occurring several minutes, hours, or years later or earlier. An event that is shown fifteen minutes after the start of the episode is thus depicted as occurring fifteen minutes after the events that are depicted at the start. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_%28media%29 [Aug 2006]

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