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A Profile

Singer, guitar-player, bass-player, drummer, keyboard-player, songwriter, producer, sound-technician, label-owner and deejay. Romanthony, ‘the artist formerly known as Anthony Moore’ (or Roman Anthony), is all of that, but nevertheless he is still ignored in his home-country, in spite of a few smart house-releases on his own label BlackMale. In Europe, on the contrary, he does quite well: five 12's and his debut album ‘Romanworld’ (’97) appeared on London based Azuli Records while the French label Roulé re-released his gospel house classic ‘Hold On’ (’94). Hit-singles ‘Countdown 2000’ and ‘Bring U up’ as well as the albums ‘Instinctual’ (’98) and ‘R. Hide in plain Site’ (’2000) were released through Kevin McKay’s Glasgow Underground, thus having a big hand in his recent success. Three albums showing three different faces: ‘Romanworld’ was full of daring, exploratory house. Risk-free disco-house was the trademark of ‘Instinctual’, an album produced together with DJ Predator. And on ‘R. Hide in plain Site’, this year’s much acclaimed album, Romanthony tides over three decades of dance-music history: a mixture of house, r&b, soul, JB- and P-funk and breakbeat. The same comparisons pop up in all reviews: Prince, James Brown, George Clinton, Timbaland, The Prodigy (‘Countdown 2000’) and Tony Humphries. The vocal house 12" ‘Find a Way’ came out on Glasgow Underground under the alias Fat Pussy Cat, and later this year he’ll appear as a vocal guest on Daft Punk’s second album. --

Interview Excerpt

You name Tony Humphries as a very influential person and even made a tribute record for him. What's so special about Humphries?
"He represented a whole community of like-minded spirits in New Jersey. DJ's and musicians used to give him records that he played on his radioshows and in the Zanzibar club. When I was fifteen, sixteen years old I used to sneak into the Zanzibar. There was a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but he did it very gracefully, back in those days. I give him the credits he deserved. But as soon as I did that, he disappeared. They took him off the radio."

Selected Discography

Romanthony essentials on vinyl

The Wanderer (Prescription/Cajual '95)
Slow motion garagehouse meets blues . The emotional vocals on this record gave Romanthony his nickname 'prince of house'. The Wanderer was re-released last year on Sony Germany, with fresh remixes.

Romanworld (Azuli, '96)
Impressive and essential compilation of Romanthony's fruitful days on the British imprint Azuli. With successful singles like In The Mix, Fallin' From Grace en Now You Want Me, topped of with a hand full of wonderful blues intermezzi.

Testify (Black Male, '97)
Black awareness house with a spiritual message, a killer bassline and the tormented vocals of the man himself.

Up All Nite (World, '98)
Deep, tough and overlooked garage record featuring the amazing voice of Eve Angel, who contributed on more of Romanthony's records.

Hold On (Roulé, '99)
Hold on appeared after Romanthony's visit to Paris last year. Invited by Daft Punk, who are big fans of the man from New Jersey. Romanthony's vocals will appear on the new Daft Punk single.

Floorpiece (Black Male, '99)
'I am the dj. And the dancefloor is my garden', Romanthony opens his heart on this religious declaration of love for the dancefloor & everyone on it.


This New Jersey producer/vocalist is on a par whith the likes of Kerri Chandler and Roy Davis Jr. His voice resembles Prince's (In fact, R. Hide In Plain Site may well be Prince's best album since Sign o' The Times) voice strikingly. Fave track is 'Wanderer' on Prescription. Very deep! Romanthony has been putting out records since 1993.

R. Hide in Plain Site

(Glasgow Underground)

One of the most eagerly awaited releases of the new millenium, Romanthony's third album sees this mythical dance music legend finally coming out of the cold. His name first cropped up around a decade ago when funky house records started surfacing on the New York club scene. Ten years on, Romanthony has recently given his first interviews and had his picture taken for magazines, claiming modestly that prior to this, he didn't merit the attention. He certainly does now as R. Hide in Plain Site mixes Prince style vocals, funky breaks reminiscent of James Brown and cool house beats. It's 100% modern and looks likely to transport Romanthony to superstar status. Word is that The Artist recently heard the album and muttered "Why am I not doing this?" If it's funk, soul, pop or house that lights your candle, check out Romanthony for 2000...


  • Interview with Romanthony.


  • Romanthony - R Hide in Plain Site[1CD, Amazon US]
    Features "Didn't I Bring You Up"

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