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Related: religion - spirituality

Theory: Georges Bataille - Emile Durkheim

Contrast: profane


In various religions, sacred (from Latin, sacer, "untouchable") or "holy", objects, places or concepts are believed by followers to be intimately connected with the supernatural, or divinity, and are thus greatly revered. For example, some pagans consider the Earth sacred, while Roman Catholics consider the transubstantiated host sacred. Reverence is the "deep respect and veneration for some thing, place, or person regarded as having a sacred or exalted character." OED

Analogously, the word "sacred" is also sometimes used in regard to items highly esteemed by secular institutions or individuals. For instance, a United States citizen might say that they consider the Stars and Stripes to be sacred. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred [Aug 2006]

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