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Sandy Rivera


The major driving force behind the respected Kings of Tomorrow, DJ/Producer Sandy Rivera has steadily carved a successful niche for himself as one of house music's most innovative craftsmen.  In a club-oriented career that has spanned almost a decade, Rivera has taken house music - beitvocal - or track-driven - to a purely melodic level worthy of the attention his cuts receive both on the dance floor and in the columns of club music critics globally.  Through Kings of Tomorrow, also known by the acronym, K.O.T., Rivera has garnered an impressive collection of remixes (Terry Callier "I don't wanna see myself, "Dee Dee Bridgewater "Flying Saucer," Lady Black Mamboza, Voices "Can You See the Light", D'Menace "Spank", and original productions (L.T."Come Into My Room", Michelle weeks "Fade to Black" and "10 Minute High", Sean Grant "I Hear My Calling", Dawn Tallman "Let it Go" and "Set My Spirit Free", Stacey Alexander "The K.O.T. Anthem", Julie McKnight "I Want You For Myself", Mysterious People "Fly Away", Soulvision "Don't Stop"and many more.

From his Jersey-based studio, Rivera concocts the sweeping melodies that provide luscious backdrops to top-shelf house music cuts.  An impressive technician on the turntables, Rivera is in demand as a DJ, who takes his vibe across the globe, dropping pumping, energetic sets, spiced with deep house, soaring garage vocals and obscure house gems for the train-spotter contingent.  Rivera entered the music business back in 1992, the first track he ever did was signed to the defunct blacklabel.  Rivera then went to shop another track to the well known Strictly Rhythm. "I was asked to sign in and leave a tape and they will get in touch with me in two or three weeks, I then realized the frustation of shopping a track and decided not to leave a tape and open my own record label known as BLACKWIZ, from that day on I never shopped again".  BlackWiz became the outlet Rivera needed to develop his distinctive sound and create what he really wanted, which was Hip-Hop, signing a nice publishing deal with Burt Bacharach in 1994, Rivera began to produce and sign various artist such as "Big O", "III Man Riot", "BigFoot", "Densaid", "Full Eclipse" now known as partial members of "Terror Squad" and even had a chance to work with the "Fugees", with an invitation to produce something in their Jersey based studio before their success.

Rivera frustrated, knowing the talent that he was working with was pretty good but only one or two members of the groups can actually make it at that time: "I was knee deep in to this shit and knew you could not ask one member of a group to go solo at that time, unlike now, the best member will represent the group until everybody is ready, it's called artist development."  Many people that have been to Rivera's studio, have become a major success.  The amiable producer/DJ and his wife formed the Deep Vision imprint,which transcended the boundaries of BlackWiz Records, which he then liquidated.  Deep Vision is a chameleon-like label that can release tracks that sport seismic beat potential, enough to make a dance floor literally throb, while catering to those who love their beats sprinkled with silky smooth, ethereal melodies. The label is doing as well as any small indie, shifting respectable numbers for each release. Rivera has great hopes for Deep Vision as he enters a new phase of expansion.  There seems to be a new found optimism within house music. It is within this air of positivity that Rivera gets ready to unleash his latest project on the dance music industry and club nations alike.  Titled "It's in the Lifestyle", the debut album shows of Rivera's production capabilities.  Featuring powerhouse performances from such artists as Julie McKnight, (wife of R&B star Brian), Littleton Brown and respected Parliament Funkadelic sax player, Darry Dixon.  Theres no doubt that "It's in the Lifestyle" will ensure Rivera's longevity and gain him more respect in an industry known for its cliqueness.  "I don't really know my place in the whole house thing, I leave that to the people who go out and buy the records. I may not do the biggest records, but people seem to like them and because of that, I get respect.  I have been put in the same category as bigger producers, but I do not see myself there yet, but it is coming.  These bigger producers have been producing since the late 80s! They molded a sound when there was no competition and people in this industry respect them because they'repioneers.  If I have to place myself, I'd say I'm still coming up."

Rivera contemplates his glowing future as a producer, remixer, writer, executive and DJ, and is mulling over going back to his Hip-Hop roots for special projects, but his mainfocus is Deep Vision records.  As a house DJ and Producer, his star is definitely acsending.  "I say I can't see myself at 40, wearing the leather pants..." he pauses, then smiles. "You know, I'll probably be doing this when I'm 40!  The feeling for music never goes.  Everything I've done in this has made me the person I am.  I have no regrets about it whatsoever !"


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