Satoshi Tomiie

Satoshi Tomiie

July 25th 1999: bought a Satoshi mix of Cevin Fisher, with Robert Owens on vocals.

Satoshi Tomiie is the third man in the highly-acclaimed Def Mix team, following in the footsteps of Frankie Knuckles and David Morales. Probably recognised more for assisting fellow legends (such as Knuckles and Morales) in post-production and keyboard work on their remixes, Satoshi is also building a strong reputation as a remixer and producer himself, with his reputation and client list looking to match those of his Def Mix colleagues.

Satoshi Tomiie is to many the biggest thing to come out of Japan armed with a house music record under his arm. Responsible for a massive collaboration with Frankie Knuckles back in 1989 in the legendary "Tears", Satoshi went on to become a major player in the Def Mix crew, with David Morales and Knuckles, remixing the likes of Simply Red, David Bowie, U2 and Mariah Carey. The boy has DJed all over the world and blew many away when he released his debut album "Full Lick".

He started young, taking up the piano at an early age at the request of his parents, training for ten years. He dug the sounds of jazz and later hip hop, the latter sparking a passion that would lead to production. Then of course came house. It was bye-bye B-boy and cheers to Chicago as he heard the first mix-tapes out of the windy city. He started playing around, and then got picked up by a Japanese cosmetic company who asked Satoshi to make a track for their product promo parties. DJing at the party was none other than Frankie Knuckles, who quickly saw the potential in Satoshi’s sounds and asked him if he’d be interested in collaborating.

The collaboration became an all-time classic for house DJs, and so Satoshi quickly realised it was his time to pack up bags and move to the Big Apple. Without a place to live, David Morales invited him in, and as they say, the rest is history.

Now several years down the track Satoshi has his own label SAW Recordings dropping bombs all over the place, and has a mixed CD for Def Mix on the way. His tracks are masterpieces, combining jazz, hip hop, soul, drum ‘n bass, and of course, deep, dark & dirty house. His remixes and pounding DJ sets are sought all over the world.

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    1989: Frankie Knuckles present Satoshi Tomiie - Tears (feat. Robert Owens)

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