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Score (1973) - Radley Metzger

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Score (film)

Score is the name of a pornographic film directed by Radley Metzger that was part of the brief porn chic fad in the early 1970s that also included The Devil in Miss Jones and Deep Throat. It was based on an off-Broadway stage play that ran for 23 performances at the Martinique Theatre in late 1971 and that featured Sylvester Stallone in a brief role. The play was written and directed by Jerry Douglas, who later became a mainsteam screenwriter, and was set in Queens. The film, however, was filmed in Yugoslavia on a relatively high budget and was set in a mythical land. It has been released in both soft-core and hard-core versions. The most recent DVD release, a soft-core version, shows a renewed copyright date of 1976 but the film itself was first shown in 1972. Even the hard-core version, however, reflected its theatrical origins and had relatively little graphic sexual activity compared to today's typical pornographic film.

The story concerns a swinging bisexual couple who make a bet as to who can first seduce one of the members of an apparently straight and very attractive young couple. The cast was only five people: as the sexual sophisticates, Claire Wilbur, repeating her theatre role, and Gerald Grant; as the other couple, Cal Culver, better known as the late gay porn star Casey Donovan, and Lynn Lowry; and Carl Parker in the Stallone role as a repairman. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Score_(film) [Aug 2005]

Features Casey Donovan from Boys in the Sand (1971)

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Amazon review

Radley Metzger's erotic Mediterranean romp, adapted from an off-Broadway play, is a five-character drama of mind games and sex games. A swinging married couple with an ongoing rivalry sets their sights on a naive young couple who have moved into their darling little Mediterranean town (the village of Leisure, in the land of Play, deep within the Erogenous Zone, according to the narrator, though in reality shot in Zagreb, Yugoslavia). The newlyweds are having troubles of their own, making them easy marks for the hedonistic swingers, but Metzger flips the tale from craven exploitation to sexual healing. As the beautiful young couple succumbs to seduction (and not necessarily the couplings you would expect), their inhibitions are unlocked and their guilt overcome with pleasure. Neither exploitative nor judgmental, Metzger's elegant soft-core erotica combines a playful cinematic style with a cool European sensibility, set against a handsome landscape of old-world architecture and chic modern settings. This exploration of bisexual seduction is his most explicit offering (sans his brief sojourn into the adult film industry), yet for all of its nudity, which is surprisingly balanced between male and female scenes, it remains a smart, witty, sweet little erotic fairy tale in which even selfish intentions lead to happy endings. --Sean Axmaker for Amazon.com

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