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Tao Productions

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Founded in the early 1970s, TAO Productions produced and distributed many of the classic bondage, discipline, fetish and erotic wrestling (through their Curtis DuPont subsidiary) "loops" (short movies), magazines and videos of the 1970s and 1980s. TAO featured porn/fetish stars like Serena, Rene Bond, Little Oral Annie (Annie Owens), Cynara, Porsche Lynn and Ashley, as well as wholesome girl next door types, "I love to be tied up" submissives, Mistresses, Dominant men and their victims. The women were bound and photographed by some of the great rope masters of their time; Bob Boneapart of detective magazine cover fame, John Savage, Bill Archer and Jim Holliday. With nearly 150 films and videos, along with hundreds of photospreads, TAO was one of the dominant forces in the fetish field of the Seventies. --http://www.agentsofbound.com/friends/taoprod/taoprod.htm [Apr 2005]

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