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The Postman (1997) - Kevin Costner

Parent categories: adventure film - 1997 - apocalypse - science-fiction

Will Patton in The Postman (1997) - Kevin Costner


The Postman (1985) is a post-apocalyptic novel by David Brin. A drifter stumbles across the uniform of an old United States Postal Service letter carrier and gives hope to a community threatened by local warlords with empty promises of aid from the "Restored United States of America". The first two parts were published separately as "The Postman" (1982) and "Cyclops" (1984). Both won Hugo Awards for Best Novella.

A film adaptation, shot in northeastern Washington and central Oregon, was released in 1997, directed by Kevin Costner and starring Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate, Olivia Williams, James Russo, Daniel Von Bargen, Tom Petty, Scott Bairstow, and Roberta Maxwell. The film has been listed among the worst films ever; a 2001 episode of The Simpsons portrayed the DVD edition of the film as having a "director's commentary" track which was simply Costner apologizing. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Postman [jul 2005]

Kevin Costner wanders without establishing himself anywhere, and exchanges poorly-played scenes of William Shakespeare for supplies.

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