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Tom Barman

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The Belgium alternative rock group dEUS originated as a bohemian cover band playing Violent Femmes and Velvet Underground classics in the early í90s. Eventually, they began writing and recording their own crazed eclectic music, in the vein of some of their favorite artists such as Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, and John Coltrane. Despite changes in personnel and various run-ins with their record label over the years, dEUS continues to land on its feet. Current line-up comprises founding member Tom Barman (vocals, guitar), Danny Mommens (bass), Julle De Borgher (drums), Klaas Janzoons (violin) and Craig Ward (guitar, vocals). Like his friend, Placebo frontman Brian Moloko, dEUS frontman Tom Barman is a graduate of drama and film school. Itís not surprising then that the bandís new album, The Ideal Crash, reminds one more of film noir than pop music. Given the bandís artistic flair for presentation, itís also not surprising that they design their own artwork and direct their own videos. --http://www.nyrock.com/interviews/deus_int.htm

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