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Twiggy (1949 - )

Twiggy, photo unidentified


Twiggy (born September 19, 1949) is a British actress, model and singer, now usually known by her married name of Twiggy Lawson.

Born Lesley Hornby in Neasden, a suburb of London, she became famous at the age of sixteen, under the influence of her boyfriend and manager, Justin de Villeneuve. Soon she was regarded as "the face" of swinging 1960s London, and gained her nickname from her stick-thin pubescent figure. As she matured, she ditched Villeneuve and broadened her horizons, appearing as an actress and singer, notably in Ken Russell's 1971 film version of The Boyfriend. Since then she has played a variety of roles on stage and screen, including Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion, opposite Robert Powell, in a 1981 television production.

Her first marriage, to American actor, Michael Witney, ended with his sudden death. In 1988, she married the actor Leigh Lawson. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twiggy [Apr 2005]


Twiggy was the most famous model of the Sixties. Her big break came when she was named "The Face of 1966" by a British newspaper. Her career was spurred on by her Svengali-like boyfriend-slash-manager at the time Justin De Villeneuve (not his real name!). With her skinny body, large eyes, and boyish haircut, she was the idol of many young girls in the Sixties. Twiggy look-alike contests were held, and a variety of Twiggy merchandise was sold, such as lunchboxes, vinyl coin purses, paper dolls, and board games. In America, Mattel, manufacturer of the Barbie (R) doll, manufactured a Twiggy doll with great Mod ensembles sold separately. Twiggy started a new fashion model image: the waif (long before Kate Moss popularized it in the mid-Nineties). As the decade progressed, Twiggy grew her hair, and became more interested in the Thirties-style of fashions such as those designed by Biba. By the Seventies Twiggy had broken free of Justin, and became involved in singing and acting, as well as continuing to model. She has appeared in several films, and even a short-lived sitcom in Americacalled "Princesses" with future-Nanny Fran Drescher. She has also released several albums. She wrote three books: "Twiggy by Twiggy" in 1968, "Twiggy: An Autobiography" in 1973, and, most recently, "Twiggy in Black and White" in 1998.

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