USA Import Records Antwerpen

St. Jacobsmarkt 75
2000 Antwerp

USA Import on

Belgian New Beat Music History

... sounds. They are not only helped in their search by labels like Antler

and Pias, but also by specialized dance-shops like USA Import. ... 

... And each week, following the show, Antwerp's premier dance music shop USA

Import found itself inundated by demand for Marc Grouls' choice. ... --Matthew Collin


Wally's Groove World: Located in the basement of the USA Import, large people 

arenít welcome in this place, with a ridiculously low ceiling. As well ... 

Marc Grouls

... He then moved on to the USA Import label, where he started working with pirate radio

DJ's Sven Van Hees and Paul Ward as LIAISONS D. (named after the latter ... 

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