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World of Echo (1986) - Arthur Russell

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"In outer space you can't take your drums- you take your mind" --Arthur Russell 1987

"This is what is left when the Beat has eaten itself, when the crunch of hip-hop has crunched itself to dust. "World Of Echo" is an orbit of resonance, a giant, subterranean repository of Dub" - David Stubbs/Melody Maker/April 11, 1987

Out of print for over fifteen years, Arthur Russell's most extraordinary work, "World Of Echo" is issued for the first time on CD by Audika Records with previously unreleased bonus material and a DVD of rare video filmed by Phill Niblock for release on October 27, 2004.

The album will also be available via Rough Trade Records for Europe (www.roughtraderecords.com) , and P-Vine Records for Japan (www.bls-act.co.jp) .

Originally released on LP in 1986, “World Of Echo” is a deeply meditative and seductive work of awe-inspiring beauty, grace and passion. Arthur’s aim was to achieve what he calls “the most vivid rhythmic reality”, with just cello, voice, and echo’s. “In outer space you can’t take your drums-you take your mind”.

World of Echo will be released initially as a limited edition package including a DVD and a 24 page color booklet. The CD features previously unreleased music from "Sketches From World Of Echo" while the DVD contains rare footage of recordings from World of Echo that were later edited and developed for the original LP. Filmed and edited by Phill Niblock "Terrace Of Unintelligibility" is a completed video from 1986, while "Some Imaginary Far Away Type Things AKA Lost In The Meshes" is unedited rushes of Arthur in a spontaneous performance. In it’s early stages "World Of Echo" was originally conceived as a VHS video project between Arthur and Phill and the accompanying DVD of the two films is of that initial collaboration that later developed into the finished album in 1987.

A single CD of “World Of Echo” (without DVD) will be released by Audika in early 2005 as a regular edition.

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Audika Records LLC
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New York, NY 10023
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