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Yellow is the color of light whose wavelength is between 565 nm and 590 nm, or is a mixture of red and green light that appears to be the same color.

Yellow is one of the subtractive primary colors, and its complementary color is blue. However, because of the characteristics of paint pigments used in the past, painters traditionally regard its complement as purple. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow [Apr 2005]

Usage, symbolism, colloquial expressions

  • Yellow is a bright cheerful color, but in the English language, yellow is associated with jaundice and cowardice. In American slang, a coward is said to have a "yellow belly." It can also mean that something is tainted, as in the expression "yellow journalism."
  • Yellow also symbolises royalty in many other cultures, like much of South East Asia. In China, commoners were not allowed to wear yellow until modern times.
  • In the United States in the 20th century, immigrants from China and other East Asian nations were derogatively referred to as a "Yellow peril," which probably referred to skin color.
  • Yellow, in international political organizations, is the color for liberalists.
  • In some countries, taxicabs are commonly yellow. This practice apparently began in New York City, where taxi owner Harry N. Allen painted his taxis yellow after learning that yellow is the color most easily seen at a distance.
  • The Yellow Pages is the section of a phone book or online phone directory that lists business numbers by category. They are named for the color paper they are printed on in phone books to distinguish them from the regular listings.
  • In China, a "yellow movie" is pornography; contrast "blue movie". --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow [Apr 2005]

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