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Sexual arousal

Sexual arousal is the process and state of an animal being ready for sexual intercourse.

Human sexual arousal
Unlike most other animals, human beings of both sexes are potentially capable of sexual arousal throughout the year, and there is therefore no human "mating season". Things that precipitate human sexual arousal are commonly known as turn-ons. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_arousal

Causes of human sexual arousal


Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies - Michael J. Bader

  1. Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies - Michael J. Bader [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    "The function of sexual fantasy is to undo the beliefs and feelings interfering with sexual excitement, to ensure both our safety and our pleasure," writes clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Michael Bader. In Arousal, Bader discusses the role of sexual fantasy as an unconscious problem solver and describes how his patients have come to understand the background, logic, and positive messages of their fantasies. Bader offers case studies of patients (heterosexual and gay) with varied conflicts, and analyzes their sexual fantasies in light of their desires, guilt, and past and current relationships. Most patients, Bader found, are able to resolve their issues by understanding the meaning and logic of their fantasies and then move on to more satisfying relationships.

    Bader also interprets common sex fantasies and discusses sexual boredom in ongoing relationships, the power of pathogenic (irrational and self-defeating) beliefs, and sexual fantasies as a therapeutic key to problems that seem independent of sexuality, such as depression.

    This provocative book is scholarly yet accessible to the lay reader interested in psychology. Although readers might be drawn in by the gritty, sexy details about Bader's patients, thoughtful readers also will learn about themselves and what their own fantasies may be addressing and revealing. --Joan Price, Amazon.com

    What visuals turn men on?

    Q: Has your research shown a change over the years in what visuals turn men on?
    A: Absolutely, but not in every country, say France, they kept the same visual esthetic pretty much front to back. The very first images, they were reasonably slim women with smallish, high-ish, firm-ish breasts and thatís where they are today. They started there; they stayed there. Latin-American countries, kind of the same thing, the butts and thighs got a little bigger with time, but still very similar bodies, always a slightly fuller figure.

    The countries that were actively involved in World War II, Germany, the U.S., England, they all came out with the same alteration in the body type. Somehow the French escaped it. I canít tell you what the Russians liked because the Russians just werenít making any porn magazines. The U.S., England, and Germany before the war had the same sort of body type, which was influenced by France.

    France was a major influence around the world, not just fashion and food, but erotic interests. They were the major producers of erotic magazines before the war, and everyone went for that same body type, young, high-breasted, and symmetrical.

    After the war, the U.S., England, and Germany all came out with a desire for a very voluptuous figure. What was popular right after the war became more exaggerated into the 1950s and 1960s. All three countries began making magazines with breast emphasis in the 1950s. --Dian Hanson (2005) http://www.sexwrecks.com/2005/02/dian_hanson.html [Jul 2005]

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