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If we can't be free at least we can be cheap. --Frank Zappa

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Low budget

Many cult films fared poorly at the box office when first shown, but then achieved cult-film status, developing an enduring loyalty and following among fans. They are often made by maverick film-makers with low-budget resources and little commercial marketing. Cult films have tremendous followings with certain groups, e.g., college campuses, midnight movie crowds, etc. Camp films are cult-type films, but they are often poorly made or ludicrous, yet still enjoyable and appreciated. Cult films follow no rules or pattern - some cult films are popular only among certain limited groups of audiences or friends. - Tim Dirks [...]

Kitsch [...]

Cheap, mass-produced souvenirs

Drum Machines

Due to the relatively cheap availability of drum machines and synthesisers from Japanese companies like Roland (the feted 808 and 909 drum machines both originated in Japan) something was bound to happen anyway. -- John McCready [...]

Commercial culture

Genres that rely heavily on equipment and materials, which I describe as capital-intensive, tend to produce popular art. Genres with low capital costs, which I describe as labor-intensive, tend to produce high art. The movie spectacular with expensive special effects is likely to have a happy ending. The low-budget art film, directed and financed by an iconoclastic auteur, may leave the viewer searching. --Tyler Cowen in 'In Praise of Commercial Culture'

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