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Cult classic

Parent categories: cult - classic

By medium: cult films - cult television - cult fiction - cult object - underground music

Related: cultural artifact - popular - select - audience - mainstream - success

Car with cult status, the name by itself, CitroŽn DS (pronounced ĄDťesseď) -- the goddess -- suggests its divine roots. Structuralist philosopher Roland Barthes, in an essay about the car, said that the CitroŽn DS looked as if it had "fallen from the sky." To Barthes, the car was a "monster of modernity," a symbol of the new and somewhat threatening future ahead.


A cult classic is a cultural artifact (e.g. a movie or TV show) or group of works (e.g. songs by a certain band) that may not achieve widespread mainstream popularity but does attract a cult following, i.e. devoted, even fanatical, attention from a select group. See cult film, cult television, cult radio and cult following for related topics.

Cult is necessarily geographically biased term, as cultural artifacts differ from country to country. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_classic [Nov 2005]

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