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Eric Stanton (1926-1999)

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Illustration by Eric Stanton


Eric Stanton (September 30, 1926 - March 17, 1999 - born Ernest Stanzoni) was a 20th century bondage and fetish artist.

Although the majority of his work depicted Female dominance scenarios, he also produced work showing the inverse. He also incorporated bisexual, homosexual and transgender imagery into some of his later work.

In 1947, Stanton began his career at Irving Klaw's Movie Star News company, gaining employment by boasting that he could draw better than any of the artists currently working for Klaw.

He shared a studio with Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko between 1958 and 1966. Some of Stanton's work during this period shows heavy Ditko influence -- or even collaboration -- although Ditko has continually denied contributing to Stanton's art.

After Klaw died in 1966, Stanton supported himself via self-publishing and distributing his work to a quasi-underground network of subcribers and patrons. His mimeographed/photocopied Stantoons series continued to his death in 1999 and featured many of his most well-known post-Klaw concepts such as Blunder Broad (a sexy parody of Wonder Woman) and the Princkazons. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Stanton [Apr 2006]


  1. The Art of Eric Stanton: For the Man Who Knows His Place - Eric Kroll (Editor) [Amazon US]
    An in depth look into the history of Stanton and his illustrations. Additional info into the publication of his work. This book will save the Specialty Pin-up and Fetish curious reader much time in that it covers a large variety of styles - year to year and publication variations - A very full overveiw of the style. As an art book, it is large, and may dominate some coffee tables. Also bear in mind that the subject-content isn't for the mainstream. Stanton's publications bring you through a wide variety of views, and Kroll's editing is very complimentary. If you are only a bit interested in the genre, and do not wish to buy lots of books, this one is your best find. --corseted@hotmail.com for amazon.

  2. Eric Stanton, Reunion in Ropes - Burckhard Riemschneider [1 book, Amazon US]
    He's been called "the Rembrandt of Pulp-Culture" and it's not hard to see why- Stanton is the crème de la crème of his genre. His imaginative, detailed full-color comic strip narratives picture buxom, leggy femmes fatales having their way with tied-up, handcuffed, or simply awestruck men. The stories included here are highlights from our klotz title "Dominant Wives & Other Stories." Look at it how you want- Stanton's imagery is either an empowerment of female sexuality or a gross caricature of female-domination fantasy. Either way, Stanton's images are extra-hot and are guaranteed to put hair on any man's chest! --amazon.com

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